Our theme for 2014 is “Live the Story.” Throughout the year, the Sunday messages will move through the storyline of scripture, beginning in Genesis and ending in Revelation. As we journey through the Bible, we will learn who God is and what he is doing. In this journey, we will be invited to be a part of his ongoing story.

 How do I participate?

As we go through the Bible, you can participate by following one of two daily reading plans:

If you would like to tell us that you are participating, you can click here to register. You also can use this form to register for a daily email that will include links to:

  • the day’s Bible reading in text and as an audio file
  • a video on Sundays by Pastor George Davis summarizing the week’s passage
  • blogs on the passages written by church staff
  • a list of resource books and a family-oriented study guide

Regardless of which plan you choose, remember that the ultimate goal is not to check off that you have read the Bible in a year. The ultimate goal is to engage God daily in his word. So, if you get behind, just start again with the current reading for one of the plans.

 What about other resources?

As we start this initiative, we will make available for purchase two helpful resources:

  • “The Essential Bible Companion”
  • “How to Read the Bible Book by Book”

These will be sold in Connecting Point while supplies last.

This will be an exciting year as our entire congregation comes together with a common purpose and goal – to Live the Story!